New Open Heart Surgery Booklet is almost done

Awakened Approach to Open Heart Surgery and Other Surgeries using Medical Intuitive and Somatic Practices I developed. How to survive and Thrive

My husband had open heart surgery in 2017.  And in preparation for his aortic valve replacement and aneurysm repair I created a variety of visualizations that helped him immensely. So much so that his 8 hr surgery was complete in 5 1/2 hrs.

So after talking with some of his friends who has gone thru similar surgeries they said ” wow you should write this up. So this little heart booklet was born.

I have since used the techniques for other clients who have faced surgeries and had the same amazing results. Pain has been virtually non-existent for many much to their surprise and delight.

My simply conversing with the systems and the organs involved, relaxation and ease have supplanted anxiety, fear and pain. By working directly with the body relief has been found.

This work is becoming more and more of my practice these days as word has gotten around. I hope this little book will be done by fall so others can share the benefits of this new and life changing work.