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Revitilization and renewal blending the masculine and feminine energies in 2012

I was recently at an event as a participant  being introduced to the 21 praises of Tara dance and meditation practice. I have long been a closet dancer and when in Hawaii I studies a bit of hula. Dance calls to me and it was a lovely day of women dancing and sending up praises to the 21 manifestations of Tara, the goddess that is the primordial mother of us all in Tibetan Buddhism.

As we were all talking about the goddess,  one woman chimed in about 2012 and that this was the time of the return of the goddess and how woman were going to be on the front lines and taking the lead, finally.

While this may be true it rang a bit short for me. As I remember, literally, when woman were the vanguard and leading spiritually.  It came into my attention that what is happening now with 2012  is a marriage of the two energies within and without us.

We have a great opportunity of blending and marrying these two energies of the female and male within ourselves and to think of the male as an ally and friend.  It is time for the woman to share their vast knowledge and heart of a time long past and to share with their men the beginnings and how to connect spirit and matter.

That we can love and converse with and come into communion with and be creative together,  as we mark the end of the era of division and discord, is key. This is the gift of this time that where we have seen such divisions.

Woman hold some vital keys. This planet is our home and we connect to her each time we bleed and connect with the moon.  Men do not have this ability, so it is incumbent upon us to share  how we connect to this planet, Gaia who we love. Men long for this connection as they reach towards the heavens, we reach for the earth and it is here that marriage of spirit and matter can coalesce.  They teach us how to reach out and we teach them how to drop in and connect.

So here is too 2012 and the marriage and re-balancing of the inner female and male in all of us. And to the marriage of the the earth and heaven that can take place within us all.


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Halloween: A Day for the Dead

Here is a prayer I received many years ago.

On this day when the veil between the worlds is thin and we can invite our  ancestors and friends back  into our lives with ease and grace,  I offer this prayer for all my family who have gone before me. I honor them and love them all.

Eternal Spirit, I bring you my grief  in the loss of Rellie, Amelia, Rel, Koa, Bob, Dru, Augustus, Butch, Ike, Bob, Tazi,  Ada,  Bru, Dorothy, Matt, Keith, Jettie, Charles, Miyoshi, Kea, Mana, Kiren, Strider.

I  ask for courage to bear my grief to walk thru it with grace and patience

I bring you my thanks for the time we spent and the love we shared.  I commit each  into your loving hands. Let their Spirits be free the ride the waves of time.

Give me eyes to see how love embraces all, and ears to hear the voice of Spirit that sings all around us.

Renewal and Revitalization

Happy Easter Week

It is so interesting how my clients have been recreating themselves this past few days. Old patterns are surfacing and the roots of problems since childhood are finding  new resolutions.

This time is so potent as we move toward Easter. The theme of resurrection and rebirth is floating all around us. So what ever each of you is working on, may you finally get to the bottom of it . May you experience radiant light as you move beyond the suffering that has been a part of your life for so long. Use this time to dig deep to look within and  understand your passion and agony so you can finally let it go once and for all.

Blessing and peace.

Memory in Our Bones is a finalist in Eric Hoffer and Montaigne Awards

Wanted to share the news:



As part of the Eric Hoffer Award, Memory In Our Bones  was nominated for the Montaigne Medal

Your book is still on track for a category prize, including the Hoffer Grand Prize.

The Montaigne Medal is an additional distinction, awarded to the most thought-provoking book each year. Approximately two to three books receive this award each year.

Regardless of the judges determination, your book at the very will carry the distinction of  Montaigne Medal Finalis  and Eric Hoffer Award Finalist.

The Montaigne Medalists will be announced in the spring prior to the category and grand prize announcements.


Hard work ( 13 yrs)  and long hours do pay off.

Past Life Integration vs Regression

The past wk, 2 clients have come to me, who have done regressions work thru hypnosis. Oddly while they  both found the information they gained valuable…..they did not know what to do with it or how to apply their new knowledge to their day to day lives.

As I listened to each of their stories I realized that they both had been left with knowledge but with no real life application to make the changes they so wanted to make in their lives. They still had the same issue after the regressions.

I have seen this before. And while sometimes knowledge is enough, to bring something out of consciousness and be released sometimes there is more that has to be done. We need to not just have the story of their past. We need more.

When working with past life memories, there is a energy signature or  an imprint that resides in our body. This  too must be transformed. The mind and beliefs that we have carried forward  must also be changed for lasting change to occur.

To integrate our past and past life memories requires that we work on multi-levels to remove t0 imprints from  our psyche and soma and consciousness.  It requires that we dive into the memory and find where it lives within us and how it is constructed, what beliefs animate it and keep it in place. Knowing this , feeling this sensing this allows for a release to take place that is both psychic and spiritual.

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Year of the Hare!

Life is coming into sync as the solar energy of the traditional calendar and the lunar calendar finally align for the first time this year. The moon and sun, the male and female, the conscious and unconscious, the anima and animas come into communion within us and balance .

May each of you who reads this find new blessings flowing into your life .

The Turning of the Year and the Heart of the Winter Solstice.

I was talking to my students this past wk end about this Iron Tiger year that we have been in and how this has been affecting us energetically. Here is what I have noticed.

Years ago I had the chance to interact with tiger cubs and a big female white tiger at Albuquerque zoo. Tigers are known to live much of their lives alone, except to mate.   The energy f these great cats is one of energy of isolation, patience and fierceness. These qualities have been a part of the energy dynamic this past year and we have seen it in action. Many of you may have felt isolated this past year. But there I good news!

On Feb 3 rd, Chinese New Year rings in and the year of the Iron Rabbit begins. Rabbits live in warrens are more social than tigers. My hope is that based on this energy change  we will have a year of more cooperation and consensus.

Isolation is necessary to discern who we are and what is important to us. We need that quiet self- reflection. But we are a human family and we need to also step back into relationship to someone other than ourselves.

I hope this new year reawakens our sense of community as we move out of isolation. Let us find common ground again. Cooperation is key, with this, we can get things done and moving forward again. The energy is posed to help us do this.

The element iron is about grief and sorrow, as well as, being a weapon of war. As we move thru this iron cycle over the next 8 years we are encouraged to process our grief and examine the martial nature within our society and within ourselves. Letting go of our wounds and finding peace within ourselves will reflect back into society, of which we are a part.

Let’s find our community this coming year—- like minded people who love and support us. My wish is for each of you is to discovery your larger human family and your place in it.

My husband and I have been reading  a set of  books by Marion Zimmer Bradley, which feature the goddess and the ancient ways of the goddess. As I gazed at the full moon lunar eclipse that happened on the solstice this came to mind. First, I reflected on the fact that an eclipse like this had not happening in 372 years ago. It was remarkable to think back to how our ancestors might have felt seeing an eclipse like this one. And also to rteflect on how the world has changed over the centuries.

Personally as the moon went dark on the first day of the return of the light, I felt that the goddess was also returning, not in the old ways, but that she was reintegrating for the first time in centuries with the solar force of the sun.

This marriage is both powerful and necessary as we balance the forces of the sun and moon, the masculine and feminine , the anima and the animus within ourselves.

This is a a time of reintegration and renewal.

Use this time wisely, vision and dream of wholeness, both personally and collectively. Send out light to those you love and to those who challenge you. Salute them all for they are your teachers !

Happy New Year and Namaste

The Power of Prayer….. Love is the Key!

This past few weeks has been very intense. A dear friend went into the hospital for cancer surgery, and happily the surgery went well and the doctor was exceptionally pleased. Being a very spiritual man and coming from equally devote family, prayers were sent into the heavens spinning light and healing and sending it to my dear friend from the moment we are heard he was sick.

I had sat in meditation doing prayers during the surgery, reassuring his body that it was okay, giving direction and sending love and healing with each breath. Each stitch the doctor stitched became a prayer.

But complications ensued. He hit a crisis point this past Monday and his dear wife called me in tears.

I spoke with my Tibetan teacher and asked that he pray for my friend. I called a fellow healer, who put him into her weekly pray circle, and along with them I went in . I talked to his organs and reignited the energy within his body, soothing and connecting frayed nerves as I spoke to each organ. And low and behold……. on Friday he was released from the hospital.

Prayer and the power words and energy have is so amazing. This energy from all of  us helped turn the tide and move him onto a road of health and healing.

Love is so much a part of the healing process. It is essential!  And our deep emotions can impart even more chi into mix.

So what am I grateful for this thanksgiving…….. for my dear friend’s healing and homecoming and for the power of love in the world and how it can heal …. anything!

I know this in my soul in my bones . Prayer can heal  our bodies, minds and our world.

So what are you grateful for?  Let me know .