Help when you are stressed out

Simple and quick meditation to help you when you are tearing your hair out and way to stressed out!.

Are you feeling stressed and overworked, at the computer too long?  Try this and change your energy in as little as 10 minutes.

Focus your attention on your breathing. If you are like me and most of us who work on computers or at a desk, you are probably not breathing very deeply. Right? This happens when you are focused and working at the computer all the time.

So, I want you to pay attention to your breath.  Just breathe in and out for a few cycles, easily and effortlessly in and out, like a baby, not changing anything, just experience breathing as fully as you can.

Now, take a deep breath and as you exhale, let go of any physical tension from your body. Just feel the tensions drop away like ice sheets off a glacier. Take a second deep breath and this time as you exhale let go of any emotional tension or cares from your day. Leave all your worries behind for the next few minutes.

Now I want you breathe in and feel your breath fill your belly. Feel your belly rise and fall as your breath flows in and out of your body.  Breathe deeply into your belly, just like this, in and out.

Just let yourself relax and breathe, nothing to do—just breathing and being breathed for the next 5 minutes.

Breath is the simplest way to bring us back to our center. It is always with us. By breathing with awareness the energy within you and around you can settle. Your energy will change, you will feel a sense of space and openness and your mind will settle after a few minutes of breathing this way.

Try this whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. It will help stabilize your emotions, and mind. Know that with each exhale you are releasing the tensions and the stress you have been feeling in your body and mind.

Be well and keep breathing! Aloha Elizabeth

Memory In Our Bones

I will be sharing energy practice and articles that will help you clear the energy patterns held within your cells, bones and tissues, using a body of work I created in 1991 and have been teaching ever since.

New Beginnings —Healing Origins and Discovering the Power of Embodied Memory

We are alive with memory. It flows in our cells, bones, tissues and consciousness. The last frontier is inner space and it is within us where our answers lie. Our symptoms and emotions are the body and mind’s way of getting our attention and they provide us with a way into the richness our inner world.

Using our powers of intuition, visualization and deep inquiry and by contacting our innate inner wisdom we can find healing. We need only take the leap into our body and chakras, symptoms and emotions to find the memories, patterns and beliefs that hold our memories in place and limit us. Our chakras are centers for contacting and tapping into these memories, emotions and beliefs that lie dormant within us and are a wellspring of information and energy.

Memories and emotions are imprinted in our chakras, cells, organs and bones, quietly waiting. Waiting for us to be courageous enough to face the origins of our confusion, grief, anger, fear, phobias, doubt and suffering. When we engage our body memory and consciousness directly, we can emerge from this journey, with the keys to releasing our symptoms, complex emotions and the traumas and events from both this and other lifetimes.

Each of you has answers within you, you just need to be ready to ask the necessary questions, instead of dancing around an issue, try grabbing it like a tango dancer, embrace it, and take action. Your body and consciousness hold all of your memories— from the moment you first took birth, so use this, don’t fear or avoid your pain or symptoms, engage them, and allow healing to flow into your heart and mind.

Your body is like a great library and by asking questions that about  the symptom or emotion you are feeling, you can find answers. The question is the key and by asking it, you unlock the memories, emotions and scenarios from across time, from your childhood, from other lifetimes and even from when you were in the womb.

These memories will surface if you cultivate a mind that does not know, judge or fantasize. This is what Suzuki Roshi called a beginner’s mind. This kind of mind that is curious— free of expectations, and preconceived notions is essential, then the doors of deep healing can open.

The origins of your current struggles can become clear to you, and with compassionate discernment, you can discover the beliefs that hold these ancient memories and emotions in play. By doing this your symptoms and emotional states can deeply change.

So, take the plunge, this spring find the freedom you long for. Release the past that binds you once and for all. Understand the ancient histories embedded within, unwind them, and you can start fresh from this moment….. from this breath.