Lost & TE

Well, Lost came to an end last night and as I watched the final episode I realized how much Lost is so like my healing work (TE) , which deals with cause-effect relationships, time, memory and love.

Lost,  like my work showed us, how love is the ultimate key, how we are multidimensional beings and how past, present and parallel time are all in this moment. I have had direct and deeply personal experiences with this level of reality. It is within this space where healing happens, where love does conquer all  and where truth abides.

It is in the remembering where growth begins. Remembering who we are,  who we have been that allows us to become ourselves at last. Along the way we may be lost—- seeking redemption, resolution and healing of the wounds that we carry within us but when we touch into the reality of the moment,  when we touch the hearts of those we love and those we have loved in the deep and ancient past …. we are forever changed and healed.

We are eternal beings—- full of memories just like each member of Lost had to recover their personal memories, so must we. In touching this level of our embodied experience and consciousness we truly find ourselves. This is what I have been doing with clients and with myself for 2 decades—- finding the reasons, answering the why’s and discovering who we truly are and why we are here and what we are meant to be doing this time around.

As “Jack” said last night ……to remember, let go and move on that’s what it’s all about. In essence  this is what we each must do.

Great job one and all!  Thank you for the past 6 seasons of mystery and adventure. Here’s to the actors, creators, writers and production crews ! You will be missed and there really is no reason to watch TV now. Good luck to all of you and once again mahalo nui loa.

New website and branding almost done.

Aloha—- just wanted to let those of you know that have been following my blog that my new website will be up and running soon and it will have a place where you can join me and receive all kinds of information and insights . I appreciate all of you and hope to be on a call with many of you soon. Change the energy and change the world!

Find Happiness, Love, Healing, Confidence & Release your Fears

Discover the stories of men and women who have healed their relationships, fears, body symptoms, anger, doubts and anxieties by working with past life memories and chakra exploration. How memory is stored within us and how the mind can remember and we canheal our deepest wounds. How past life memories empower us to know who we are and that we are eternal. Full of potential gifts that are awaiting us as we heal our being.

Each of your charkas is a reservoir of information —spiritual energy, memories and emotions. Stored within each chakra are the answers and reasons why your life is how it is.

By awakening and shifting your attention you can perceive the stories and retrieve lost aspects of yourself that are just below the surface of your awareness.

Accessing these stories gives you the opportunity, often for the first time, to get to the bottom of the problems and challenges you face each day.

Whether you are working thru physical, emotional or relationship issues your charkas have the answers. The entire history of your consciousness can be found within your energy body. When you dip into this inner body of knowledge—empowerment happen. As you find your true self and deep lasting healing occurs!

For decades I have dove into my energy body, like a pearl diver, seeking answers and understanding and I have never failed to reap the benefits of this kind of inner exploration.

My clients for 20+ yrs have always been amazed at how such a simple and direct process can change everything.

Each of these men and women found answers, hidden within themselves. Understanding dawned, like the harvest moon and filled each person with light, so they could lo0k within and find their truth.

Each released their pain, sorrow, doubts, grief, betrayal, fears, anxiety and traumatic past.

Each of these men and women rediscovered themselves—as they peeled away layers that, like grime on a window, dimmed their inner light.

They came away happier, more relaxed, unafraid, more loving and gentler with themselves, confident self-assured and free from symptoms that plagued and confounded them.

Each in turn discovered the truth within their being and healed the heart of their being.

This is what I can offer you — self-discovery and healing that will transform you.

Lynn came to see me because she was experiencing a rapid and frightening heartbeat that felt as if her heart was going to jump out of her chest. She unearthed the past life memories that drove her heart to beat wildly in her chest. And she was able to resolve her congenital heart problem she had since birth. Her connection to the man she loved deepened as she relived a time when she had known him before. Intimacy and relief arose from our work together and replaced her self-doubt, pain and fear with love, confidence and healing.

Sara came to see me when she learned that the man she loved had been with another woman. This heartbreak opened the door to memories long forgotten both from the present and the past and deep healing as she worked thru the layers of betrayal that originated in England centuries ago. She was able forgive the man she loved and stay with him. Working thru the betrayal and pain of her past and present. She found love and trust both in herself and within her relationship and released, her fears, guilt, self- doubt and anger and found her true heart.

Sophia came to see me when she because of deep grief and unhappiness in her relationship. She discovered she could transform her doubts and self-hatred into self-acceptance and joy. And as a by-product found work she loves.

Anna came to see me when was unable to sleep and concentrate because of night terrors and dreams. She came to understand the past lives that were revolving in her nightmares and was finally able to put them to rest. Clarity and understanding blossomed as she released of her sense of being invisible and unseen in her life.

Jordan discovered why he and his ex-wife were always art odds, why he felt unappreciated, betrayed, incapable and sexually addicted. By releasing past life memories he regained his self–esteem, strength, and compassion for himself and the woman he had loved and had children with, enabling him to happily attend his daughter’s wedding.

Francesca finally understood her fear tall building, bridges and heights and worked through the layers of past life memories to restore and regain her ability to face her fears and not be afraid that she would die or that disaster would strike. Worry and fear receded. Deep peace, self-knowledge and a new sense of connection both in her community and to herself were what she found. And a balancing of her inner energies empowered her to be more herself – strong, discerning and confident.

These are just a few stories from 25 years of working in the field of energetic and  spiritual healing and past life integrative therapy. The past and present live within us and thru inner exploration of your charkas or energy centers we can find peace esteem happiness and love.

How to use your Mind to Heal your Relationships and so much more…

Training in the practices of transforming embodiment. Discover how to work directly with your mind to heal your body and relationships. Become empowered to make deep and lasting change.

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Does life sometimes feel like you’re living in a perpetual “ground hog day” with the same patterns repeating over and over again with no end in sight? Are you ready to break out of this pattern once and for all?

The good news is that you can, and the better news is that you’ve had the key to breaking free of these patterns all along. The problem has been that the key didn’t come with instructions, so unless you somehow got lucky and found the solution on your own, chances are you’ll remain stuck for a very long time.

Learn the powerful 5-step practice, that Elizabeth created in 1991. Find answers and understanding for yourself. Be empowered- know how to move forward and through life challenged with ease and grace.

Memory In Our Bones….How your mind can heal you.

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Breakthrough Practices for Resolving your Problems Once and For All

2009 IPPY Award-winning MEMORY IN OUR BONES by H. Elizabeth Burke, MA

Memory is no longer found just in the brain. It actually lives in our bones. Larry Dossey, MD, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the synergy of physical health and spiritual awareness, says, “ Burke shows that consciousness is not limited or confined to our brains, or to the here and now, but is unlimited. We cannot be truly healthy unless this realization becomes real for each of us.”

Such awareness flies in the face of the fact that most people cope with life’s upsets by trying not to think about them, the “old out of sight, out of mind” technique. Problem solved, right? Not so, says author and creator of the TE Practice. In her groundbreaking book Memory in Our Bones: Exploring the Mysteries of mind Body and Spirit, Burke draws on the latest research and 25 years of clinical and personal experience to demonstrate that unresolved memories and emotions imprint themselves upon our psyches and actually descend into our cells, bones, and tissue. Once here, they cause a myriad of problems from complex emotional reactions to relationship conflicts and even physical symptoms Burke explains.

In recognition of this achievement, Memory in Our Bones has been awarded the 2009 Bronze Medal in the Mind, Body, and Spirit category from the Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards. Burke’s in-depth examination of the nature of consciousness demonstrates that “our memories and emotions can and do cross the barriers of time and death to reemerge in our bodies and lives.” This may sound ominous, but Burke reassures readers that deep and lasting change is possible. Imprinted memories and emotions can be easily resolved and released by using the simple, direct practices presented in Memory in Our Bones.

Not surprisingly, the book has been endorsed by  individuals in the fields of spirituality and healing  (http://memoryinourbones.com/press/index.html). Leza Lowitz, award-winning poet of Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold, says this: “Each of us has a story, written on the body. How do we unlock memory and trauma from deep within our cells, releasing the stories that no longer serve us? Drawing on years of research in science, spirituality, psycho-energetic and somatic studies from Buddhist, Taoist and Shamanist traditions, Memory in Our Bones gives us the tools, courage, and inspiration to rewrite our own life stories from a place of compassion and empowerment. I recommend it highly to any human being who wishes to open up to greater joy and vitality in an embodied, transcendent way.”

Burke’s Memory in Our Bones shares mesmerizing stories and user-friendly meditations to expand awareness and provide hope for all those who hold painful memories within them…In other words, each and every one of us.

Hope in Disaster

The oil spill in the gulf is so horrible. It’s so immense it is hard to fathom.  But it may have a positive. As I was talking to a friend right after this  happened I mentioned that this might shift the tides on off shore drilling that Washington was considering.  And last night the pundits were expressing just that. I hope this is true .

Our oceans are so fragile and it seems that the powers that be can’t understand this. It’s just like the climate issues. I pray with all my heart that people in DC and around the world who are in power  will wake up, finally stop their bickering and step up and do the right thing. Hard to imagine I know but let’s pray for their awakening nonetheless. Om Ah Hung !

We are one planet and it takes participation and energy for change to manifest. Especially when those who wish to maintain the  status quo are still kicking and screaming like constipated 2 year olds. The good news is that this planetary set up that is happening this summer will begin a process of change—- thought it will be intense for a lot of people. Positive things will come out of all this.