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I am so jazzed that after 2 years of work my new website is up. Over the last 6 months I have learned alot about configuring pages, creating links, adding images and all that jazz. So check out the new site it’s still

The Transforming Embodiment Institute site is now at  and is actually my old site. Still have to fix the links to the store but all the rest of the info is there.

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Awakening the World Within Part One Eala

Upcoming Workshop in Tiburon

Awakening the World Within– Part one:  EALA- AWAKENING

The Journey begins begins in Sept. either on the 7 th or the 9 th

An intuition development, meditation and chakra exploration and healing training.

Eala (this 1 st class) is  for those of you interesting in awakening and connecting and seeing what you are holding in your chakras that is ready to be transformed –permanently.

It is the foundation for the in-body work and later the sound healing training that leads you to understand who you are and why you have incarnated into this body and time.

This trainings  will give you the skills to discern if that voice inside, is ego based or truly your higher wisdom speaking.

You will learn how to ground and connect so you can stand in your truth and speak from that place. Discernment is  key as is the ability to fearlessly explore your inner reality and see where you hold on to memories and emotions that are ripe to be transformed.
Confidence, clarity, less stress, inner harmony,  self awareness and knowledge are a few of the gifts of this work.

This 3 part training is the soul of the work, I do everyday and it had lead people to make 180 degree shifts as they release ancient histories from their body and chakras.

We will be meeting once a wk here in Tiburon Classes are small (6-8 people) so preregistration is advised. Go to or call me at 415 435-8015

Powerful mind-body motivators


I wanted to share with you today  something really cool. Your body and subconscious mind is motivated away from pain and towards pleasure.  Using this basic principle you can change your symptoms and habits very easily. How? You might be asking , well it’s pretty simple but powerful. I have found that the simpler things are the more powerful they actually are.The easiest way to illustrate this is to tell you a story.

Years ago when I was studying in Hawai’i I learned about how to motivate my body-mind to change pretty much anything in my life.  A bunch of us went out to lunch and at the end of the buffet there was a huge bowl of chocolate mousse on the buffet. Well, I love chocolate,  but ever since I kissed the wrong boy 7 years before, I  started to get fever blisters, so  I had not let chocolate pass across my lips in a long time. Now, all woman know chocolate is a must in one’s life, right, so I thought what the hell, I’m going to put what I learned that morning to a test.

My friend sitting next to me has a big dollup of mousse on her plate and I asked her if I could have a taste. She said sure, so I dipped my spoon right in and took a bite. My husband looked on horrified since he lived thru a few fever blisters with me before I figured out that chocolate was a problem but I that didn’t stop me. I was committed. I start talking to my body, telling it that chocolate was the food of the gods, that it was the perfect food and I flooded my brain with memories of my mom’s very wonderful chocolate mousse that she made at holidays.

I remembered and experienced for the first time in years all the pleasure and smoothness of chocolate mousse! I really let my body and mind get this new message. I told my body consciousness that this was indeed an orgasmic food of the gods  and the best food in the universe and  I left my body feel, and I told my self that it had no calories and that there was no problem with eating chocolate anymore.

Guess what happened? Nothing…. no fever blisters ever again!  I eat chocolate whenever I like and I have never had a fever blister from chocolate again. It’s been nearly 21 years. I really feel that the chemistry in my body and brain changed that day! And since then  it has been wonderful to eat my mom’s mousse again.

When I share this story with people they just love it . Here’s what you need to know.

First think of a habit or symptom you want to change. Then use your imagination to share with your body and subconscious how wonderful and pleasurable this change will be to your body and life!  How the pain will be gone and over with.  Show your body consciousness and  subconscious mind with images and words how pleasure will flood into your life and body when you release this habit or symptom.

Amp this up,  be like a cheerleader and DO NOT doubt the truth of what you are saying.  Commit to it  with all your heart. This is the new belief and experience you are creating. Let your body consciousness really feel how good it will be to make this change.  Use positive words and  breath!  If doubt arises repeat the process.

This really does work I have used it again and again as have my clients and it works for them too. Have fun and remember your body and subconscious mind will change if you show it that you are moving from a painful situation to one that will be full of pleasure and fun!

Energy, Accidents and Attraction

I saw something the other night on the deaths in Sedona and it prompted this post.

7 principles in Huna I would like to share…..

  1. The world is what you think it is—– Your mind is key, your thoughts are what shape your world.
  2. There are no limits—- Energy is unlimited, you are unlimited, the world is unlimited.
  3. Energy flows where attention goes—- Your attention will guide your energy, there is no need to manipulate it.
  4. Now is the moment of power—- This moment  is the most powerful, your present is related to your past & future.
  5. To love is to be happy with—Love and happiness are intertwined, when you find one the other will follow.
  6. All power comes from within—- Power is within you, not outside of you.
  7. There is always another way to do everything.—Be flexible, if something doesn’t work try something else.

Simple down to earth principles I learned from Serge King decades ago and they still apply.

I also want to share an observation that will seem paradoxical ….. cause and effect exist,  and accidents do happen.

I remember listening to Stephen and Ondrea Levine speak in Santa Fe many years ago. Many new age people were there and one person asked Stephen about cancer and the concept that we create our own reality and so we are creating our disease.  I was delighted to hear their answer. It resonated with me and was akin to what the channel had said about this issue. You are not to blame for your illness, you did not create it.  He said how un-compassionate this idea was.

Can you imagine sitting with a loved one, dying before your eyes and saying you did this, your thoughts did this. What a sad misconception. Forces of environment, genetics and karma are at play and your thoughts may be apart of this but there are larger forces at work than you may be aware of or even able to imagine.

This holds true for the idea of there are no accidents too. I remember reading a woman whose cat had jumped into a neighbors car, been driven across town and jumped out when the neighbor stopped the car.  This woman was devastated because so many well meaning friends consoled her with ” well everything happens for a reason” and ” there are no accidents.”  Sometimes accidents do happen. They are random and unexpected and yes there may be a lesson in it but it is still an accident. This cat never wanted to be separated from its home and family , he was just curious and wanted a warm stop to sleep.

So please be gentle with yourselves and each other. People often was to simplify that which is complex and to to make complex that which is simple.