Hope and Possibility 2012 & Beyond

2012 and beyond the gift of this time. Pluto in Capricorn deep change arising.

I was reading for someone recently who was asking about what to expect with 2012.

The following came through.

We are in a time of deep and abiding change and while it appears that we are fractured and broken at this time, this is only temporary. We are in a confluence of energies at this time that is a culmination of centuries of conflict and strife and while the old dies away, it may kick and scream in death throes.

We are moving towards a time of greater harmony and light. But we have to pass through the eye of the needle.  There will be a unifying event, which will show us beyond a doubt that we are one people, one planet, one humanity. This event will  be so alien to us it will both shock and awaken us and as a result our world and consciousness will be forever changed.

What will come out of this is a new form of governance -world wide that will be more inclusive and accepting. Old enemies will see each other in a new light and lay down their arms. Humanity will see itself as connected at long last.

We will have three hurdles in the coming years (2008-2024) of which we have experienced the first when the markets and business sectors faltered and fell. During this phase of time governments, business, banking and the structures we have grown up with will be altered in deep and transformative ways.

After the earthquake of 1989 in the  SF Bay Area, while reading in Colorado at an yearly event, I remember  many people being concerned that the predicted earth changes were upon us. Please understand that the earth is a evolving and conscious being and she is both wise and ancient.

She would never harm the people who reside here, but Pluto is the lord of death and transformation and there may be many who decide not to stay. Remember we are her ( the earths) heart and her emotional expression, so each of us has the opportunity to transform our deep emotional pain that Pluto will dredge up for us, so we can see it in the light of day. This is the gift of this time.

Historically the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was when this young nation was forming. Like then, freedom, liberty and  revolution will be apart of this transition and there may be energies that will impinge upon our liberties and freedom but then as now truth will win out. Pluto will have it no other way.

What Really Divides Us? An Opportunity!

Similarities between American revolution and 2010 pluto in capricorn an opportunity for change

You may not know this, but I am a daughter of the American revolution. My family and ancestors fought for freedom, freedom of religion, freedom from taxation without representation and we fought for our right to express ourselves freely and be happy.  Abagail Adams was a Smith and Martha Washington’s sister married a Bassett. Both are my family names.

You might be wondering why  am I writing about this odd bit of personal history when I usually write about healing and transformational change.

First, I want to share that Pluto is in Capricorn, many of you may know this but did you know that the  last time Pluto was in Capricorn ( that rules government and business) was during the founding of this country and the American revolution.

Like now, there were  basically 2 distinct party lines of thought, one for a centralized government ( Hamilton and Adams)  and the other for more states rights (Jefferson & Madison). Then like now these forces pulled at each other in bitter and divisive infights that nearly destroyed our  fledgling democracy.

What is so frustrating for me is that we are doing it all over again. I realize that people are reactionary and in reactive states much of the time but we have a opportunity to change this. To move from reaction to response!

Decades ago, when I taught as a substitute teacher even my kindergarteners knew how to cooperate and get along better than the factionalized wings of  political groups we see expousing  their truth on talk shows and in the halls of government. Why all the hate when what we need is cooperation.

So let”s take this opportunity and say no to  extremes, to the tea party movement  (who I know that my ancestors would rolling in their graves  to hear this name used this way ) and to the factionalism that they preach and that is eroding any political goodwill and hope we once possessed.

We have an opportunity to move to another level, to a higher octave of this Pluto in Capricorn energy that is so relevant right now. We can rise above this kind of  divisive politics.

We must remember our commonality.

This commonality is key. We are all human beings, first. We all suffer and wish to be happy. This is what links us all  together!

We can all practice more openness and compassion and reach out our hands to one another in kindness instead of anger. I am not saying that we have to deny that we are mad as hell about what is going on in the world  but we have to at least try to soften our hearts and temper our anger with intelligence and open the conversation beyond the sound of our own voice.

This is where we have gone wrong I’m afraid…. we are not talking to each other we’re just flinging shit at each other, which accomplishes nothing. As the political season ramps up ask yourself , can I hold the and instead of the or in my heart? Can both positions exist simultaneously? My hope is yes . So the dialogue can begin not just sound bites ( that the masses latch onto ) but real discussion.

So I want everyone to take a deep breath, to move out of reaction and into a place of equanimity because if we don’t start matters will only get worse. I do not want to lose this precious democracy.

Let’s embrace our diversity and find a new path to move forward on. Please, please, please.


Pluto in Capricorn will strip down and expose all forms of corruption and abuse of power. It is the nature of Pluto to illuminate the shadow and Pluto will be in Capricorn  that rules the sector of business, government, banking and finance. we have already seen this. And we have a choice and opportunity at this time. Government and politics will change during this process. We can move towards a new wholism like never before and heal this realm where there has been so much  tit for tat for way too long.  Pluto is fierce and it is relentless but it wants truth above all things.

Freedom from Exhaustion: Energy Healing When You Are Bone Weary and Dead Tired.

Discover how to release that feeling of exhaustion from your cells, bones and tissues. Feel revitalized and renewed with when you use this simple energy healing practice.

Why do an energy meditation when you have no energy? I know you are thinking, ” I’m just too exhausted to concentrate and at the same time another part of you is may be thinking, Wow, maybe this will work”, and I can start doing more of the things I love.

Exhaustion can be so debilitating, you feel too tired to play with your kids, tackle work projects or even take care of yourself. It’s just too much, too overwhelming to even think about!

But don’t you want to take back your life and be free of the weight and oppression of the exhaustion you are feeling and have energy that is vital, joyous and expansive, like when you were are your best in the past or when you were a child perhaps?

How would it feel to have that kind of unlimited energy again? How would it be to feel it all the way down to your bones?

I created a meditation for women and men just like you, who are deflated by exhaustion and just too tired to do anything some days, because of physical pain or symptoms, emotional concerns, or family and work pressures. This is for those of you who are exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically. There is hope.

What I have learned for myself is that it really helps to understand the inherent energy of the emotion you are feeling. What this means is you have to let yourself—– feel what you are feeling. It’s not always pleasant but this is a first step. This works for any powerful emption you are feeling but today we are going to be talking about exhaustion.

What I have noticed energetically and within the body is that exhaustion feels heavy, like a weight, as if someone has draped a wet blanket over me. You know the feeling. Right?

You just feel weighted down by the exhaustion. It’s overwhelming and oppressive. You feel trapped by this heaviness and  you just can’t get moving or excited about any thing. You are just too tired to think or even move.

What I have found in working with others and within myself is that it is necessary to work through the layers of the exhaustion that you are feeling, to deeply relax and give into the exhaustion- without hesitation or fear, in order to move beyond it.

I know this may sound scary, who wants to feel something they don’t like that they want to get away from, right? But if you really immerse yourself into the exhaustion, sink into it and let it in instead of going against  and trying to get away from it, it  you can start to release it from the cells, bones and tissues within your body. Then your energy can return. Really, I have seen this work again and again.

I created a meditation/ visualization exercise you can do at home on your own when you are feeling exhausted. Many of my clients have used this and have experienced immediate change. Their energy has returned and they have told me they feel lighter and less burdened as a result.

How would that feel to feel light and renewed and hopeful again?

Exhaustion is such a part of so many of our lives and with the economy being so challenging many of you are working harder than ever before. I know I am.  So would you like more energy?  Would you like to release the very essence of the exhaustion you are feeling from your very cells?

Here are a few things that can help you be successful, right now.

1. Find a quiet undisturbed place where you can sit or lie down for 10 -15 mins. without interruptions (some of my clients say they do this visualization in the bath)
2. Breathe deep into your belly and allow your body to relax. Allow the breath to flow from your chest into your belly and breath easily and effortlessly. Breathe deep into your belly, there’s no need to push or strain, just breath naturally like a baby breathes.
3. Allow your thoughts to be like clouds in the sky—just floating by, no need to grab onto them or follow them in any way…..just let them go.
4. Finally, be curious with no judgments please. Whatever arises is important for you to release, so if thoughts, emotions or memories arise let them, just be curious—- without any preconceived judgments or notions.

I know this meditation/visualization will help you. It helped me and has helped my clients ever since, I first channeled the process many years ago. Just know you don’t have to live with feeling tired any more. This simple direct practice will reinvigorate and revitalize you. You will have energy again. You can take back control of you life and feel better.

Meditation Practice Instructions

By working with the energy, emotions, imagery and memories connected to your weariness, you can discover why the fatigue has stayed with you. Armed with this knowledge you can release your exhaustion once and for all.

First find a quiet undisturbed space to sit and relax, so your mind can slow down and settle. Then breathe into your chest and belly, like how a baby breathes, allow your chest to rise and your belly to expand. And as you exhale let go of any tension from your body.

Let your thoughts float like clouds through your mind. No need to grab onto them just let them float by. And release from your mind any cares and concerns from your day. Just set any thoughts aside,  and know that you can come back to them but for now just let them go.

Finally don’t judge your reactions, emotions or yourself in any way. Let go of any doubts and feeling of hopelessness. Instead be curious about what you are experiencing and how your body and mind feel. Just be in the moment, breathing in your experience and your judgments can naturally fall way.

Meditation Practice and Visualization

Take a deep breath and imagine yourself standing with your arms outstretched, and your legs a shoulder width apart, facing forward in perfect proportion, like that Da Vinci’s drawing of the man standing in a circle with his arms and legs outstretched.

Breathe easily for a few moments and imagine a golden ray of light flowing through your body see and feel the warmth of this light flow effortlessly over and through your body and down into the earth. See this golden light, like water, running  down into the earth until it naturally comes to rest. At this point, I want you to dip into the earth’s energy, as if you were dipping your hand into a basin of water and bring the essence of the earth back up, with your mind’s eye, all the way back through the layers of the earth and place that energy at the base of your spine.

Imagine that you are lying down on the earth or in a hammock or one a bed, feel yourself relax as you take a deep breath in and out. Allow yourself to feel the exhaustion, feel the weight of it.

Now I want you to take a deep breath and imagine that rainbow light is flowing into your body.

See your skin become red, your muscles orange, your spine and bones yellow, your organs green, the fluid systems in your body, the blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluids become blue and the connective tissues between the muscles and the bones are purple.

Feel, see and imagine that you are filled with this rainbow light. Imagine it flowing through all the layers of your body, washing over your skin and flowing though your muscles, tendons, bones, tissues, organs, blood, lymph and fluid systems within your body from head to toe. This many take some time but imagine and feel, sense and see yourself immersed in this rainbow light.

Sense and feel the warmth of the red, the vitality of the orange, the joy of the yellow the love of the green, the peace of the blue and the wisdom of the purple rainbow light as it flows within you.  Let this light circulate through your body for 5-10 minutes. Gradually imagine that this rainbow light streams out of your body washing through your bed and floor and down into the earth or simply into the earth if you are lying outside.

Feel the weight of your exhaustion lift — as you see and imagine this rainbow light leaving your body and descending into the earth. This cleansing rainbow light takes with it the weight of your exhaustion and any memories, emotions and beliefs associated with it.

See your body and mind crystal clear like a calm mountain lake. No worries or concerns— no troubles or exhaustion affect you. You feel refreshed energized and alive!

Do this meditation for 10-12 days, it only takes a few minutes out of your day and is best done in the morning. I know you will feel better each time you do this simple practice.

The weight and burden of feeling exhausted can lift, like the fog over the coastal mountains. It can recede like the ocean after it kisses the shore.

If emotions or memories surface when you are doing this meditation, this is natural. Use the elements of fire, wind, and water to transform any emotions or memories you felt.  You can wash them away or see the wind take them up and away from your body. When using fire imagine you can burn away the images, memories or words that may have surfaced in your mind’s eye. Just remember to use clear light to vaporize any residual ash after using the element of fire. This removes the imprint.

By working with the energy, emotions, imagery and memories connected to your weariness, you can discover why the fatigue has stayed with you. Understanding and knowing why, can help you release the deep exhaustion once and for all. When you understand the roots of your exhaustion can shift and you can feel, revitalized, renewed, joyful and alive !