Fear & Japan’s Triple Disaster : the energy of hope.

I had a friend ask recently about the fallout from Japan and how it would affect CA. She has just had a baby and was concerned as any new mom would be. Here are my initial hits.

We are living in an age where there has been radiation around us for some time. My feeling about Japan is that it is making CA a bit like Santa Fe NM to a lesser degree. I have not been picking up any energy shifts or spikes but the energy this spring has been intense.

Humans are always evolving. I believe with the plutonium energy, is also an energy that transforms.  It amplifies and intensifies the energy around us. I know that may sound weird but it was always the way Santa Fe felt and nuclear testing there was much closer .

It is so much about belief and if you let the collective alter our reality about our own safety and well being.

Fear is still a demon that the world is facing right now. As we move ahead we all must hold a vision that is clear, so ask yourself what do you want you world to reflect?

Freedom is another energy that is really alive in the world right now. And  my hope is that this nuclear disaster will help us shape a energy policy that will create viable alternative more quickly.

Energy wise though I do feel we are safe. I have never been a pollyanna person or a gloom and doom person, more a reality chick. Clear and present wisdom……. That is the key.

Be prepared, stay aware and change any negative fears and anxieties into positive beliefs. .

I do feel that there are certain astrological aspects that may be affecting the middle east and asian regions that are shaking things up—quiet literally, these aspect have been moving for some time now. We see it on the news each day.

The world is changing and I know with a little one it is a bit frightening, but that little shining being, like yourself choose to incarnate now and may have something valuable to add to the equation.

Be hopeful and awake. Stay engaged and help shape energy and nuclear policy for your future Use this as an opportunity to reshape the world for your child.