Haipule: The Art of Manifestation

The prayer of Haipule as taught by Serge Kahili King 1988

I have taught this techniques and used this with success for many yrs, may you manifest that which your heart desires.
To help you manifest and for this to be effective you need 3 things …….. Motivation, Concentration and Confidence.

You need to: build your inner energy, know what you want, and concentrate using words, images and action then you need to let your wish or desire go, sending it out into the universe.

Focus on the benefits,  how you will feel when you have …. how your life will be like when you get what you want. Really concentrate on this—— with confidence and without doubt.

NO fears. uncertainty or doubt allowed.

This derails haipule.

So here we go  Speak this blessing  to open the prayer.

Aumakua, Aloha and Mahalo

Here are the steps:

Begin by building your energy.  This is HA.
You can do this with your breath. Imagine energy streaming into your lower abdomen and into your heart. Just feel  light or energy streaming into your body each time you inhale. You can augment this by holding a clear crystal if  you like.

Second use words to affirm and give direction. This is I .
Define what you want, say it out loud, write it out. make it true for your entire being. Really allow your body-mind to get a hold of this.  Make a decision…. that this is what I want to achieve. Send out a blessing or affirmation to the universe.

Third imagine , visualize and see what you want.  This is PU.
Here is where it gets fun, imagine yourself with that which you desire, really experience the joy you will feel and hold that energy within your heart. Use images to affirm your words to give power and weight to the words  that you used in step 2.  Imagine the end result as fully as you can.

Make a gesture or action This is LE. It can be a movement or gesture that release your wish and symbolizes success. Raise your hands to your mouth and imagine you are holding this wish in your open hands and blow gently over your hands sending your wish into the world for your High  Self ( aumakua ) to manifest.

When I learned this technique  we put one arm out in front of us with our hand in a fist then  we brought the other arm over our head from behind and placed our open hand over the fist saying  Amama…So be it as the palm of our hand covered our fist. This is a powerful gesture of success and I personally use both actions. One as an offering and a release of my will, as I hand it over to aumakua. and the second as a gesture of success.

And Lastly  you end by saying: So be it. Amama. or Amama ua noa lele walea kua la

A blessing chant you can also use is:  Aumakua, mai ka po wai ole ho’ikea mai I ke ola. High Self bring forth the water of life and manifest these blessings.   From Serge Kahili King