Halloween: A Day for the Dead

Here is a prayer I received many years ago.

On this day when the veil between the worlds is thin and we can invite our  ancestors and friends back  into our lives with ease and grace,  I offer this prayer for all my family who have gone before me. I honor them and love them all.

Eternal Spirit, I bring you my grief  in the loss of Rellie, Amelia, Rel, Koa, Bob, Dru, Augustus, Butch, Ike, Bob, Tazi,  Ada,  Bru, Dorothy, Matt, Keith, Jettie, Charles, Miyoshi, Kea, Mana, Kiren, Strider.

I  ask for courage to bear my grief to walk thru it with grace and patience

I bring you my thanks for the time we spent and the love we shared.  I commit each  into your loving hands. Let their Spirits be free the ride the waves of time.

Give me eyes to see how love embraces all, and ears to hear the voice of Spirit that sings all around us.