Please Help Save Wild Lions

Please help African Lions and our Great Cats Watch the movie The Last Lions and see for yourself how they need our help and devotion.

I watched the most devastating yet powerful movie from National Geo last night, The Last Lions. Did you know that 50 yrs ago there were 450,000 lions and that now there are only 20,000?

Lions life in a world that is rapidly shrinking due to human incursion. They fight for territory and kill one another over it.

This movie shows the beauty of these magestic animals and the  love and determination of a mother lion and her fierce struggle for survival.

Look for  this movie, watch it and then go to or   and make a donation.

We can make a difference!

I had the opportunity 10 yrs ago to be with a baby lion, 2 tigers, a leopard and a mountain lion. Even as a baby the lion knew he was the King of Beasts and the Tigers twins were just pure heart, intelligent and amazing.

We must do everything in our power to save these great cats from man, so our children and children’s children will be able to see these animals in the wild.

Thank you so much.