Transcending Family History

Recently I have been seeing the most interesting phenomena, generational emotional pain and patterns that pass from one generation to the next. Not only are similar emotions popping up but there seems to be a theme that is occurring as well. The patterns can be emotional and they may even manifest physically. Remarkably too is when one person with in the ancestral line works with the energy of the problem or emotion it changes for the entire living group .
By making personal changes , the whole soul of the family can change and the predominant issue or pain within the group changes. More later about this. It fascinates me.

What do you think? Can you see any patterns that cross generations?

Revitilization and renewal blending the masculine and feminine energies in 2012

The opportunity for harmony and balance in 2012. The blessings of the goddess and the marriage of spirit and matter.

I was recently at an event as a participant  being introduced to the 21 praises of Tara dance and meditation practice. I have long been a closet dancer and when in Hawaii I studies a bit of hula. Dance calls to me and it was a lovely day of women dancing and sending up praises to the 21 manifestations of Tara, the goddess that is the primordial mother of us all in Tibetan Buddhism.

As we were all talking about the goddess,  one woman chimed in about 2012 and that this was the time of the return of the goddess and how woman were going to be on the front lines and taking the lead, finally.

While this may be true it rang a bit short for me. As I remember, literally, when woman were the vanguard and leading spiritually.  It came into my attention that what is happening now with 2012  is a marriage of the two energies within and without us.

We have a great opportunity of blending and marrying these two energies of the female and male within ourselves and to think of the male as an ally and friend.  It is time for the woman to share their vast knowledge and heart of a time long past and to share with their men the beginnings and how to connect spirit and matter.

That we can love and converse with and come into communion with and be creative together,  as we mark the end of the era of division and discord, is key. This is the gift of this time that where we have seen such divisions.

Woman hold some vital keys. This planet is our home and we connect to her each time we bleed and connect with the moon.  Men do not have this ability, so it is incumbent upon us to share  how we connect to this planet, Gaia who we love. Men long for this connection as they reach towards the heavens, we reach for the earth and it is here that marriage of spirit and matter can coalesce.  They teach us how to reach out and we teach them how to drop in and connect.

So here is too 2012 and the marriage and re-balancing of the inner female and male in all of us. And to the marriage of the the earth and heaven that can take place within us all.