Newtown and Guns

Stop the gun violence and change the constitution so this NEVER happens again.

It is time for change. Our gun laws need to be substantively altered forever at a constitutional level. Yes, the right to bear arms seems necessary in a free democracy but the weapons used in this tragedy must be banned. No rapid fire guns no assault weapons. Registration and waiting periods of wks not days. Please like no other time before may we come together and NEVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN! Tears are not enough. The Grace of God is not enough. We have to act as a modern citizenry WE MUST ACT. Against the madness and against the gun lobby NOW. Let cool minds and open hearts change this legacy of violence forever.

—The gift of 2012—Hear the Stories and Song of your Soul

The gift of 12.21.12. We are at a turning point when balance is needed. Grounding the light energy of spirit thru our bodies and into the earth can create great transformation. Balancing the inner female and male readies us for the next paradigm shift .Connecting to the earth and spirit and imagine a new earth where compassion and unity grow,

Each and every one of you has a story that is remembered by your consciousness,  your cells, bones and tissues.

When you discover the narrative of your past and story of your soul you can find aspects of your self and past life selves that can help you understand your symptoms, relationships and emotional blocks.

As you reconnect the dots  your true self comes alive and into balance. Harmony, power, truth and beauty manifest.

Balancing and remembering allows for the roots of old wounds, both physical and emotional to finally be laid to rest. Struggles evaporate.

MARRYING THE INNER FEMALE AND MALE IS KEY NOW. You are ripe for this  for bringing your intuition and intellect into alignment with  full awareness. The time is an ending only in that we are releasing an old way of being. Forces are aligning that make deep healing and empowerment possible.

This is the challenge and the opportunity  of 12.21.2012.

To find a new ways of being , beyond the old paradigms, to connect the dots to discover your ancient source self and heal and release the duality that has existed for eons.

Bringing light and energy into the bodymind  and building new neuro pathways, so you can be embodied  like never before—-in awareness with  cosmic  and individual consciousness singing with stillness and power.

This is the gift of the transformational moment we are in. Let go of your past. Lay down outdated ways of reacting both in your mind-body and nervous system.

Take a deep breath and breathe in the stillness—–the light of the stars in the night sky. And become ONE within your self and manifest this unity with all that is around you.

You are a spiritual being that has embodied on earth at this time – you are meant to know what it means to be embodied spirit.

The energy of the primordial wisdom is all around us —drink it in and allow for the energy of change within your cells, bones and tissues to course thru you and into the earth.

Visualize  a golden light of 10,000 suns radiate into your being and flow down your spine and into your legs and out your feet. See the energy flow into the earth along a grid that connects to the matrix within the earth.

Feed the earth with your energy and love and dip into her stillness and bring that back into your body. Be the bridge between spirit and the earth you are meant to be. And feel the deep connection that exists between all beings.

See the old structures melt away— see and feel compassion and peace replace fear. Imagine  a new earth where truth beauty and peace abide in fullness.