Stop Donald Trump

I do not normally post political views but in the light of the last wk I feel I must.

We can not let a man, who is divisive and an intolerant bully,  who promotes racial violence become our next president. He will only increase the tensions and divides in our country  and this  will spell disaster for our democratic way of life.

What is most worrisome is his entrepreneurial skills at using branding and hypnotic persuasion. Making outrageous statements, outright lying,  falsehoods and self aggrandizement are the tools of his trade which is to bamboozle the public and confuse many into thinking he is something he is not  due to his celebrity.


  1. A man of the people he is NOT.
  2. He is apart of the 1%.
  3. He is not a smart business man but a huckster, ie  a mercenary person eager to make a profit out of anything at others expense.
  4. He is not an outsider but part of the establishment, (banking & real estate) he purports to be against.

Look at the case of Trump University and the statements of employees  and students if you inclined to question his veracity.

Buyer beware is  an old adage that fits to a tee.  Simply put he would be a disaster.