Dear President Barak Obama

Urgent letter to Barak Obama…..


Dear Mr President

Please explain why we as a party, do not fight for what is right and just?

Twice now we have won the popular vote and lost the election. This most recent event is truly horrifying and as a therapist every person I talk to is deeply concerned and many are down right afraid.

This current situation will harm our democracy in ways that will go on for generations and our very planet is at risk. What will happen to your girls and their children and all the children if we do not have a healthy planet?

We must fight, protest loudly and change the way voting is done in this country. The electoral college is obsolete and yet in the 40 yrs. I have been writing to presidents from Nixon forward to do away with this system … No one takes action.

I understand the issues of saving face and doing what he said he would not do, but in that pride are we not giving up? I know the American people, have watched since Nixon, and Watergate, traveled in the segregated south as a child and this feels so wrong.

MY forefathers fought for his democracy, since before its inception and as a distant relative of Martha Washington and Abigail Adams, I feel I have to speak up for our democracy. We must overturn Citizens United, so the Koch brothers and their ilk do not lead the agenda moving forward.

Investigations into voter suppression and tampering, this “president-elect” man’s connects to Russia, his business dealing out of this country, his lack of paying taxes and transparency about his taxes etc etc I could go one and on.

All need to be investigated. ASSIGN A special Prosecutor IMMEDIATELY,  like we had during Watergate.

How I wish for a Sam Ervin.

Is it not within your power to do this since he and his staff,  who questioned your birth would like to rip your legacy apart ? Not out of spite but out of a deep concern for this country.

I hear again and again, “give the man a chance”…. From democrats mouths, seriously? We may not have a vote in 4 yrs and our planet may never be the same unless someone has the courage to act. You Sir, could be that man.

I also wish to say, what a delight it has been to have you as president and how sad countless people are to see you move onto your next chapter. You and the first lady are one classy act.

DO not think that causing a ruckus will change our love and appreciation for you both and your service to our country.

I come from a lineage of people creating a ruckus and what was formed was our, not so perfect union, we call the UNITED States of America.

Sincerely Elizabeth