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My Prayers for the Gulf

I pray that the oil spill will stop, that the winds and sea remain calm, that spirit and intellect guide the hands of men as they make the repairs swiftly and effectively.  I pray for all the animals of sea, air and land that call the Gulf home. I pray that the men and woman who depend on the Gulf find hope and work.

I send love and healing and gratitude to the water and to all the living creatures of the Gulf, the whales, dolphins, sharks,  fish, shellfish, pelicans, birds, the plankton, algae, coral and sand and finally to the oil I send you love as well. I am sorry, please forgive me for whatever is in me that has created this situation I send you all my love.

I visualize the powers that be working together effectively to end this disaster. I see harmony in the hearts of men as they work together.  I see obstacles dissolve. I see politicians unite to heal the Gulf.

I see the Gulf waters and shores, water ways and wetlands crystal clear, radiant and clear like the light of 10,000 suns. I see the sun dance on the sparkling waters of the Gulf like diamonds.

Aumakua, Mai kai po wai ola, ho’ikea mai i ke ola

Amama Uanoa Lele A Kua Lau

It is Done.

Aloha nui loa

Mahalo nui loa.

Prayers do work: my story & the Gulf

I know first hand how amazing prayer is, when I was born, I was very early— nearly 3 months early.  I surprised everyone and still do my husband says. I was very small only 3 1/2 lbs and was not able to eat for the first month of my life. The doctors feed me thru tubes and watched me lose a third or more of my body weight. How did I live….to post this blog and be a healer?

One thing that keep me alive was the prayers of all my family, their friends, the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and even other patients. My will and their prayers keep me alive. Alive long enough for them to do surgery and save my life.

So I know deep in my bones that prayers work. When I chant Buddhist prayers they have an affect. When I pray the ho’oponopono prayers of Hawai’i they work.

I hope you will pray for the gulf and not feel like there is nothing you can do . Because there is….. you can send your love, your energy  your prayers and hope !

And know that like no other event in our history this will usher in deep change . Pray for this as well . With all my love, Elizabeth…. A Pisces woman, who choose that.

I visualize the gulf— crystal clear and pristine again and hold this hope in my heart.  Mahalo.