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The Power of Prayer….. Love is the Key!

This past few weeks has been very intense. A dear friend went into the hospital for cancer surgery, and happily the surgery went well and the doctor was exceptionally pleased. Being a very spiritual man and coming from equally devote family, prayers were sent into the heavens spinning light and healing and sending it to my dear friend from the moment we are heard he was sick.

I had sat in meditation doing prayers during the surgery, reassuring his body that it was okay, giving direction and sending love and healing with each breath. Each stitch the doctor stitched became a prayer.

But complications ensued. He hit a crisis point this past Monday and his dear wife called me in tears.

I spoke with my Tibetan teacher and asked that he pray for my friend. I called a fellow healer, who put him into her weekly pray circle, and along with them I went in . I talked to his organs and reignited the energy within his body, soothing and connecting frayed nerves as I spoke to each organ. And low and behold……. on Friday he was released from the hospital.

Prayer and the power words and energy have is so amazing. This energy from all of  us helped turn the tide and move him onto a road of health and healing.

Love is so much a part of the healing process. It is essential!  And our deep emotions can impart even more chi into mix.

So what am I grateful for this thanksgiving…….. for my dear friend’s healing and homecoming and for the power of love in the world and how it can heal …. anything!

I know this in my soul in my bones . Prayer can heal  our bodies, minds and our world.

So what are you grateful for?  Let me know .

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