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Transcending Family History

Recently I have been seeing the most interesting phenomena, generational emotional pain and patterns that pass from one generation to the next. Not only are similar emotions popping up but there seems to be a theme that is occurring as well. The patterns can be emotional and they may even manifest physically. Remarkably too is when one person with in the ancestral line works with the energy of the problem or emotion it changes for the entire living group .
By making personal changes , the whole soul of the family can change and the predominant issue or pain within the group changes. More later about this. It fascinates me.

What do you think? Can you see any patterns that cross generations?

Revitilization and renewal blending the masculine and feminine energies in 2012

I was recently at an event as a participant  being introduced to the 21 praises of Tara dance and meditation practice. I have long been a closet dancer and when in Hawaii I studies a bit of hula. Dance calls to me and it was a lovely day of women dancing and sending up praises to the 21 manifestations of Tara, the goddess that is the primordial mother of us all in Tibetan Buddhism.

As we were all talking about the goddess,  one woman chimed in about 2012 and that this was the time of the return of the goddess and how woman were going to be on the front lines and taking the lead, finally.

While this may be true it rang a bit short for me. As I remember, literally, when woman were the vanguard and leading spiritually.  It came into my attention that what is happening now with 2012  is a marriage of the two energies within and without us.

We have a great opportunity of blending and marrying these two energies of the female and male within ourselves and to think of the male as an ally and friend.  It is time for the woman to share their vast knowledge and heart of a time long past and to share with their men the beginnings and how to connect spirit and matter.

That we can love and converse with and come into communion with and be creative together,  as we mark the end of the era of division and discord, is key. This is the gift of this time that where we have seen such divisions.

Woman hold some vital keys. This planet is our home and we connect to her each time we bleed and connect with the moon.  Men do not have this ability, so it is incumbent upon us to share  how we connect to this planet, Gaia who we love. Men long for this connection as they reach towards the heavens, we reach for the earth and it is here that marriage of spirit and matter can coalesce.  They teach us how to reach out and we teach them how to drop in and connect.

So here is too 2012 and the marriage and re-balancing of the inner female and male in all of us. And to the marriage of the the earth and heaven that can take place within us all.


Spring & Summer Schedule of Workshops and Trainings with Elizabeth Burke MA

Fire in The Lotus: Awakening the World Within    Part One:  EALA- (Means to Awaken)  Chakra, Intuition and  Meditation Training.

Develop your powers of insight and inner clarity and  balance your intuition and intellect

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This training will teach you how to read see, feel and sense the energy centers or chakras within your body and within others.  Learn to create a space, so your intuition can speak to you clearly and discern your ego’s voice. Learn how to stay grounded and centered during times of spiritual growth and connect to the Earth and to Spirit directly and simply.

By aligning your energy body, your intuition and intellect will come into balance and your inner knowing will brighten and blossom. Elizabeth has been teaching this training to small groups since 1988.

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Introduction to Transforming Embodiment:  Discover the 5 steps of Transforming Embodiment

July 21 & 22  10:30-5:00  Tiburon CA

Your body and consciousness hold the answers to your life’s most persistent questions. Question is— how do you access this information?  Transforming Embodiment was developed  to help you do just that.

Come learn how to directly work with your body to create inner transformation and self healing. This training will help you explore a single life pattern, symptom, problem or challenge.

  • Learn this 5-step method and  transform your struggles at their roots.
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Call 415 383-8015 for details or click link Contact Elizabeth to email her. To sign up and register click this link Easy Shopping page  It’s easy and simple. I use authorize.net for safe and secure Visa and MasterCard transactions.

Please Help Save Wild Lions

I watched the most devastating yet powerful movie from National Geo last night, The Last Lions. Did you know that 50 yrs ago there were 450,000 lions and that now there are only 20,000?

Lions life in a world that is rapidly shrinking due to human incursion. They fight for territory and kill one another over it.

This movie shows the beauty of these magestic animals and the  love and determination of a mother lion and her fierce struggle for survival.

Look for  this movie, watch it and then go to  causeanuproar.org or  http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/big-cats/   and make a donation.

We can make a difference!

I had the opportunity 10 yrs ago to be with a baby lion, 2 tigers, a leopard and a mountain lion. Even as a baby the lion knew he was the King of Beasts and the Tigers twins were just pure heart, intelligent and amazing.

We must do everything in our power to save these great cats from man, so our children and children’s children will be able to see these animals in the wild.

Thank you so much.

Happy New Year.

December 31st, 2011 Posted in Energy and Spiritual Healing

2012 is fast approaching and we are in the midst of a turning in the world. Breath in Peace and Breath out Love .

Love is the key as it was in the beginning of time it still endures. It is the way of healing. So while the world is birthing itself anew with this turning of the year may you do so as well. Birth your essential  Self in love, peace compassion and wisdom.

Aloha and Namaste.


Halloween: A Day for the Dead

Here is a prayer I received many years ago.

On this day when the veil between the worlds is thin and we can invite our  ancestors and friends back  into our lives with ease and grace,  I offer this prayer for all my family who have gone before me. I honor them and love them all.

Eternal Spirit, I bring you my grief  in the loss of Rellie, Amelia, Rel, Koa, Bob, Dru, Augustus, Butch, Ike, Bob, Tazi,  Ada,  Bru, Dorothy, Matt, Keith, Jettie, Charles, Miyoshi, Kea, Mana, Kiren, Strider.

I  ask for courage to bear my grief to walk thru it with grace and patience

I bring you my thanks for the time we spent and the love we shared.  I commit each  into your loving hands. Let their Spirits be free the ride the waves of time.

Give me eyes to see how love embraces all, and ears to hear the voice of Spirit that sings all around us.

Haipule: The Art of Manifestation

I have taught this techniques and used this with success for many yrs, may you manifest that which your heart desires.
To help you manifest and for this to be effective you need 3 things …….. Motivation, Concentration and Confidence.

You need to: build your inner energy, know what you want, and concentrate using words, images and action then you need to let your wish or desire go, sending it out into the universe.

Focus on the benefits,  how you will feel when you have …. how your life will be like when you get what you want. Really concentrate on this—— with confidence and without doubt.

NO fears. uncertainty or doubt allowed.

This derails haipule.

So here we go  Speak this blessing  to open the prayer.

Aumakua, Aloha and Mahalo

Here are the steps:

Begin by building your energy.  This is HA.
You can do this with your breath. Imagine energy streaming into your lower abdomen and into your heart. Just feel  light or energy streaming into your body each time you inhale. You can augment this by holding a clear crystal if  you like.

Second use words to affirm and give direction. This is I .
Define what you want, say it out loud, write it out. make it true for your entire being. Really allow your body-mind to get a hold of this.  Make a decision…. that this is what I want to achieve. Send out a blessing or affirmation to the universe.

Third imagine , visualize and see what you want.  This is PU.
Here is where it gets fun, imagine yourself with that which you desire, really experience the joy you will feel and hold that energy within your heart. Use images to affirm your words to give power and weight to the words  that you used in step 2.  Imagine the end result as fully as you can.

Make a gesture or action This is LE. It can be a movement or gesture that release your wish and symbolizes success. Raise your hands to your mouth and imagine you are holding this wish in your open hands and blow gently over your hands sending your wish into the world for your High  Self ( aumakua ) to manifest.

When I learned this technique  we put one arm out in front of us with our hand in a fist then  we brought the other arm over our head from behind and placed our open hand over the fist saying  Amama…So be it as the palm of our hand covered our fist. This is a powerful gesture of success and I personally use both actions. One as an offering and a release of my will, as I hand it over to aumakua. and the second as a gesture of success.

And Lastly  you end by saying: So be it. Amama. or Amama ua noa lele walea kua la

A blessing chant you can also use is:  Aumakua, mai ka po wai ole ho’ikea mai I ke ola. High Self bring forth the water of life and manifest these blessings.   From Serge Kahili King

Fear & Japan’s Triple Disaster : the energy of hope.

I had a friend ask recently about the fallout from Japan and how it would affect CA. She has just had a baby and was concerned as any new mom would be. Here are my initial hits.

We are living in an age where there has been radiation around us for some time. My feeling about Japan is that it is making CA a bit like Santa Fe NM to a lesser degree. I have not been picking up any energy shifts or spikes but the energy this spring has been intense.

Humans are always evolving. I believe with the plutonium energy, is also an energy that transforms.  It amplifies and intensifies the energy around us. I know that may sound weird but it was always the way Santa Fe felt and nuclear testing there was much closer .

It is so much about belief and if you let the collective alter our reality about our own safety and well being.

Fear is still a demon that the world is facing right now. As we move ahead we all must hold a vision that is clear, so ask yourself what do you want you world to reflect?

Freedom is another energy that is really alive in the world right now. And  my hope is that this nuclear disaster will help us shape a energy policy that will create viable alternative more quickly.

Energy wise though I do feel we are safe. I have never been a pollyanna person or a gloom and doom person, more a reality chick. Clear and present wisdom……. That is the key.

Be prepared, stay aware and change any negative fears and anxieties into positive beliefs. .

I do feel that there are certain astrological aspects that may be affecting the middle east and asian regions that are shaking things up—quiet literally, these aspect have been moving for some time now. We see it on the news each day.

The world is changing and I know with a little one it is a bit frightening, but that little shining being, like yourself choose to incarnate now and may have something valuable to add to the equation.

Be hopeful and awake. Stay engaged and help shape energy and nuclear policy for your future Use this as an opportunity to reshape the world for your child.

Renewal and Revitalization

Happy Easter Week

It is so interesting how my clients have been recreating themselves this past few days. Old patterns are surfacing and the roots of problems since childhood are finding  new resolutions.

This time is so potent as we move toward Easter. The theme of resurrection and rebirth is floating all around us. So what ever each of you is working on, may you finally get to the bottom of it . May you experience radiant light as you move beyond the suffering that has been a part of your life for so long. Use this time to dig deep to look within and  understand your passion and agony so you can finally let it go once and for all.

Blessing and peace.