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Aries, the heat of summer is upon us.

As we move into the heat of summer Uranus and Jupiter will both be in Aries. Jupiter will move back into Pisces around the end of July but expect the unexpected til then.

Remember Uranus is about action and upheaval and Jupiter is the shaman or trickster. So when these two energies dance life is often full of surprises.

Mars has been in Leo and is moving into Virgo with Saturn and so this can lead to some frustration. Jupiter and Uranus love movement and Virgo is a bit more plodding. Saturn loves this, but Mars— well you might feel like a horse at the starting gate, who just wants to run the race  but you can’t get out of the gate.

Uranus and Jupiter may be reminiscent of  the 1960’s but with Aries involved it could be a hot headed summer especially around the end of July, when our judgment is a bit clouded like a foggy San Francisco day.

Change is a foot and that can be confusing with so many energies at play. So keep your cool, ground your energy.  Take walks in the trees or take a swim in a river or lake or at the beach!  And have fun that’s what Uranus and Jupiter are also about.